Guelph Cat Population Taskforce

 Community CatsThe primary goal of the Guelph Cat Population Taskforce is to facilitate community understanding and decision-making regarding cat overpopulation in the region. We want to ensure that the community understands and contributes to decisions on the management of cats who spend some or all of their time outdoors.

We want to engage the community in discussion around strategies for cat population management. The taskforce is working together for a future where euthanasia of healthy adoptable cats does not occur in our community. The GCPT will seek to employ tools that address many contributing factors to cat overpopulation.

Some possible tools that have been employed in other communities are outlined in the Strategies section of the website.  The Guelph Cat Population Taskforce believes that approaches to cat population management in Guelph should be balanced against the welfare of other species & ecosystems that are influenced by these cats. We also believe that the community has to understand the complexities of this situation and that decisions made with community input must reflect a balance or compromise of the many perspectives on this issue.