Cat Population Management in Guelph

The primary goal of the Guelph Cat Population Taskforce is to facilitate community understanding and decision-making regarding cat overpopulation in the region. We want to ensure that the community understands and contributes to decisions on the management of cats that spend some or all of their time outdoors.

The Taskforce

The Guelph Cat Population Taskforce initiative is collaborative and community-based. Talking about issues, sharing scientifically valid information and results from various studies, and inviting public input on decision-making will guarantee the best chance of success with any future initiatives.

This taskforce is a group of experts and knowledgeable citizen volunteers from various stakeholder organizations who will work together collaboratively to accomplish the following: 1) provide unbiased and scientifically accurate information to the public, 2) develop and implement scientific studies to help to answer additional questions, 3) facilitate opportunities for the community to provide input and guidance on future action or study, 4) develop and implement collaborative projects and solutions that have community support or scientific merit.

Partners of the Guelph Cat Population Taskforce include: (* indicates founding stakeholder) 

  • Cats Anonymous*
  •  City of Guelph*
  • Department of Clinical Studies (U of Guelph)*
  • Department of Geography (U of Guelph)
  • Department of Integrative Biology (U of Guelph)*
  • Department of Population Medicine (U of Guelph)*
  • Guelph Area Veterinary Association (GAVA)*
  • Guelph Humane Society*
  • Nature Guelph
  • New Hope Animal Rescue*