Canadian View

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies 2012 Cats in Canada Report compiled the latest and most accurate information that indicates that the Community Cat population in Canada has reached near crisis levels in communities throughout the country. Guelph is no exception. According to the report only about 44% of the cats presenting to a shelter are adopted into a new home, leaving 56% of the cats facing some other alternative. Shelters in Canada are overburdened with cats and many are faced with euthanizing the excess population in order to prevent devastating disease outbreaks in shelters that are caused by overcrowding. On average, approximately 40% of cats entering shelters in Canada will be euthanized (even healthy cats that could be adopted) because they cannot be adopted. The problem has to be embraced and understood by the community and the community has to be willing to take action for the issue to improve over time.


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