The Guelph Cat Population Taskforce believes that education will be a key component in a strategy to address cat population issues in Guelph. We are exploring several strategies, which have been successfully used in other communities, as part of a strategy to manage cat populations. Your comments and feedback are welcome via our survey.  We encourage you to read about all the strategies on these pages before taking our survey.

The Guelph Cat Population Taskforce believes that there is not one single solution to this challenge – many solutions should be engaged in tandem in order to address all the factors that contribute to the problem. We also recognize that there is a significant lack of factual and unbiased research and information available with which to make informed decisions. Thus we favor and want to foster additional research to help answer important questions and, therefore, ensure that resources are utilized in the most cost effective manner. Implementation of any of these options will be accompanied by community education, and studies that will measure the long-term impact and outcomes of each option.


Unbiased information and opportunities to provide input are cornerstones to
building sustainable community engagement and successful solutions.