Accessible Spay/Neuter

What is it?

Some method of permanent/semi-permanent identification (tag, microchip, tattoo etc) allows tracing of ownership allowing enabling lost cats to be returned to their legal owners by shelters and rescue groups quickly and efficiently.

Purported Benefits?

Supporters argue that reducing the number of cats that shift from Owned Outdoor Cats to Community Cats when they become lost will reduce the overpopulation crisis. Current reclamation rate of cats entering shelters in Canada is less than 1%. Identification will improve reclamation rates and reduce the number of cats entering shelters. In many communities, a portion of the fees from identification systems help fund other programs that address cat overpopulation.

Purported Burdens?

Some citizens object to the cost of identification, have concerns about to invasive procedures to implant identification systems, or to the burden of yet another responsibility imposed by government or by society.