Incremental Community Adoption Resources


Kitten in TreeWhat is it?

Resources in the form of donations and grants can subsidize costs associated with adoption, housing and medical care, and lessen the necessity of euthanasia for cats with minor treatable medical or surgical problems. Effectively addressing overpopulation decreases the number of cats in shelters and rescue groups and allows more resources to be allocated to each cat.

Purported Benefits?

Increased numbers of sterilized cats in adoptive and responsible homes decreases the number of cats living outdoors and contributes to reducing the burdens of overpopulation. As the population crisis improves, previously unadoptable cats have more opportunities for rehoming and the euthanasia rate in shelters is decreased.

Purported Burdens?

Resources must be sustainable. Grants and donations must be utilized in conjunction with other approaches to control overpopulation or donors and funders may become exhausted if little to no progress or demonstrated improvement can be documented. The number of families or homes willing to adopt cats and care for them may reach a saturation point.